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About This Site: Art of Fashion Blog

Welcome . . . Art of Fashion is a website dedicated to the Artistic Sense of Fashion. Your source for the latest Fashion news and trends; Runway show highlights, Fashion Editorials, up-to-the-minute Campaigns, Models, and more.

Images on the Art of Fashion come from a variety of sources, ranging from sourced forums and blogs, to the images received directly from the source, whether it is a magazine, photographer, stylist, agency, etc.

Who is this gal behind the Art of Fashion anyway?

My name is Janet K. Schmidt and I am the Founder and Editor of the Art of Fashion, a Retail veteran, self proclaimed Fashionista, Fashion Blogger and Beauty Junkie who also happens to be a Family Caregiver.

I cannot ever remember a time that I did not have a fashion magazine in my hand. My love for fashion started at a very early age and has always been a part of my life. I have been a part of the Retail, Apparel & Fashion industry in many different capacities for 20+ years.

I started the Art of Fashion as a Tumblr blog in 2013 as an outlet from the daily tasks of being a family caregiver. Little did I know that the Art of Fashion on Tumblr would become such a popular site for everything fashion. In 2015 I decided to take my love for fashion to the next level and this website was born.

Art of Fashion was born out of a love for the ever evolving fashion industry and is run by your average, everyday gal. I am born, bred, and raised in the USA. A native Wisconsinite (yes … it’s cold here) who if they did not live in New York city in a former life, definitely should have!

I am always happy to answer questions about this fashion blog. If there is a question or concern please contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.

Art of Fashion Blog owner Janet K Schmidt